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A New Years shocker for sour slaw fans

Sour slaw is one of the most unforgiving of all foodstuffs. Too much time in the cure and it becomes wilted; too little and it has an unpleasant barnyard taste and smell. And since the cabbage itself varies from one … Continue reading

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Spilling the beans at Snow’s Barbecue

Another transcendent visit to Snow’s on a rainy Saturday, with my brother in law and his neophyte guests who had never had this experience before. They first wondered why you would get up early and drive 75 minutes to Lexington, … Continue reading

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No ma’am, this brisket is NOT tough

Smoked my first and probably last brisket of the season this past weekend. (Apologies to Bruce Frankel, whom I promised I would get some males together and roast a whole animal on one of his spits. Next year!) Got a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas Schoolburgers (IMPROVED)

After preparing a palatable version using my recollections of school lunches in Dallas and ideas I’d found on the web, I finally bit the bullet and converted the original institutional recipe. Guess what: it is terrific. No idea why we … Continue reading

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A Texas-style cookout

I was gratified by the hundreds of hits on the Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw recipe over the holiday weekend, along with Texas-Style Potato Salad and Highland Park Squash Casserole. Makes me feel good that folks are celebrating with the same … Continue reading

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Battle Mandram: A family history

Judy Cromwell is a longtime friend who frequently comments on my recipes. She agreed to share her Mandram recipe and contributed this bonus description of her family’s tussles with this dish through the decades. Chef Otis’ interest in recreating southern … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mandram (Chopped Vegetable Salad)

Mandram is a chopped vegetable salad that may have originated in the West Indies, according to Mandrang or Mandram | The Vintage Cookbook Trials. I learned about it from my friend Judy Cromwell, who provides her own history with the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Carrot Pineapple Jello

I was going to share my family’s Southern recipe until I found this version which really is superior. I’ve only made minor tweaks for better management of proportions. Serves 8. Ingredients: 1 3-oz package jello, lemon or orange flavor (we … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mamo’s Carrot Raisin Slaw

A very good and very simple recipe that often made its appearance at holiday buffets when I was growing up in Dallas. Serves 8-12. Ingredients: 4 c grated carrots 1 c raisins/currants/golden raisins in any combination ¼ c mayonnaise 2 … Continue reading

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Jake’s Famous Barbecue Sauce… good enough to pour on my meat!

Of the hundreds of products I tasted at last month’s Winter Fancy Food Show, Jake’s Famous barbecue sauces really stood out. His Asian-inspired Blue Oak reminded me of the complex espresso sauce provided at the legendary Franklin’s in Austin. It … Continue reading

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