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More photos from my trip to Snow’s Barbecue

One tends to act like a deer in the headlights when one finally gets to the front of the line at Snow’s, but it’s much more than brisket and ribs. Here are few more memories from last weekend’s visit.

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Spilling the beans at Snow’s Barbecue

Another transcendent visit to Snow’s on a rainy Saturday, with my brother in law and his neophyte guests who had never had this experience before. They first wondered why you would get up early and drive 75 minutes to Lexington, … Continue reading

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No ma’am, this brisket is NOT tough

Smoked my first and probably last brisket of the season this past weekend. (Apologies to Bruce Frankel, whom I promised I would get some males together and roast a whole animal on one of his spits. Next year!) Got a … Continue reading

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Jake’s Famous Barbecue Sauce… good enough to pour on my meat!

Of the hundreds of products I tasted at last month’s Winter Fancy Food Show, Jake’s Famous barbecue sauces really stood out. His Asian-inspired Blue Oak reminded me of the complex espresso sauce provided at the legendary Franklin’s in Austin. It … Continue reading

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Texas BBQ: bark and burnt ends

I’m flattered that my How to rate Texas BBQ post brought in so many new readers. For you, here are a few scraps and loose ends from my central TX barbecue explorations of the past few months. Vencil Mares’ unusual tenderizing … Continue reading

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Can barbecue be racist?

During my recent trip to Austin, I landed smack dab in the middle of a controversy about racism and barbecue. It started when Robb Walsh, proprietor of the zenbbq.com blog, was on a panel at the Texas Folkways seminar themed … Continue reading

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In search of perfect Texas barbecue

It isn’t hard to make good brisket. (Brisket = barbecue, at least for the purposes of this article.) You need a reasonably fatty piece of meat, USDA Choice or higher. You need a rub containing brown sugar for a nice … Continue reading

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