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How to rate suburban sushi

I live in a town of 30,000 that has five restaurants specializing in sushi. Can a community our size really support that many establishments providing a top quality dining experience? My suburban sushi tour aims to find out. I go … Continue reading

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Boquerones (white anchovies) with shisho

I love shiso with sushi. These peppery, citrus-y leaves provide a tart counterpoint to the smooth texture, unctuous mouth feel and delicate briny flavor of uni or hamachi. Shiso is also called the “beefsteak plant” which might refer to its … Continue reading

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Food Porn: Akimono Sushi Roll (Monkfish Liver)

My local fishmonger had fresh monkfish liver, AKA akimono or “the foie gras of the sea” for $12.95 a pound. That’s not much more than calf’s liver! So it was time to bring some home and do some experimentation. I … Continue reading

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Recipe: Sushi Rice

The instructions on the sides of the Nishiki rice and Mizkan rice vinegar containers are pretty good. I’m just tweaking and combining for those who are working with bulk products. Makes around 4 c sushi rice, or enough for sushi … Continue reading

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