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Recipe: Boiled Okra

This is the basic way we cook okra down south, and it’s pretty hard core. It produces the notorious sliminess which is loved by southerners and reviled by anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line. Try to buy younger, smaller pieces … Continue reading

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Recipe: Grandma Eggplant

Another Southern classic from my friend Judy Cromwell, who writes: My grandmother would cook her dinner in the morning and set it on the top shelf of the stove until it was time for the evening meal. She would make … Continue reading

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Battle Mandram: A family history

Judy Cromwell is a longtime friend who frequently comments on my recipes. She agreed to share her Mandram recipe and contributed this bonus description of her family’s tussles with this dish through the decades. Chef Otis’ interest in recreating southern … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mandram (Chopped Vegetable Salad)

Mandram is a chopped vegetable salad that may have originated in the West Indies, according to Mandrang or Mandram | The Vintage Cookbook Trials. I learned about it from my friend Judy Cromwell, who provides her own history with the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Fried Okra

If you’re going to fry chicken or fish, might as well fry okra while you’re at it. This ends up a bit deconstructed because the cornmeal doesn’t stick to the okra about half the time. But the green tidbits look … Continue reading

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