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Eating sous vide steak with the Emperor

This weekend I fired up the Anova sous vide cooker I bought on sale at Amazon.com. A friend had been hankering for a “steak dinner” so I pulled out a porterhouse, a big sirloin and the last of my treasured … Continue reading

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What’s cooking at CES 2015 in Las Vegas

This is the year of the “internet of things” at the Consumer Electronics Show, but in two days prowling the aisles I did not see many things for the adventurous cook. An exception is the Anova sous vide cooker shown … Continue reading

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Male culinary bluster: a dish best served cold?

“Chili growing is to gardening as grilling is to cooking, allowing men to enter, and dominate, a domestic sphere without sacrificing their bluster.” Lauren Collins said that in “Fire Eaters”, an excellent article in the latest food issue of the … Continue reading

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Why I’m not buying a Sansaire sous vide device

The Kickstarter for the Sansaire sous vide device has taken the world by storm. It’s far surpassed its funding goal and now will include the “reach” of a 220V version, a reference towel included in orders, and a choice of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Caesar Salad

You really can’t make an authentic Caesar Salad without breaking (raw) eggs. Use a sous vide setup to heat through to 140 degrees if you have any health concerns. 8 side salad servings. Ingredients: 2 heads romaine, washed and torn … Continue reading

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Are coddled eggs safe to eat?

Next week I’m going to share my Caesar salad recipe, but I thought I better put out an advance health advisory: it has raw egg in it. Well, not absolutely raw but as close I can get while observing minimal … Continue reading

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A talk with Duncan Werner, inventor of SideKIC

While in San Francisco last month for the Fancy Food Show, I sat down with Duncan Werner, inventor of the ICA Kitchen SideKIC. This is a gadget that combines three of the four requirements for sous vide cooking: a heating … Continue reading

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My first Sous Vide

I had a snarky comment at the top of my “Buy This” page about “no sous vide here” and Chef Ron Cooke called me on it during our interview at Querencia at Barton Creek. Sous vide is, he points out, … Continue reading

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