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Recipe: Magic Squares

4th of my holiday bakes, except it’s not so much a bake as an assemblage. Great to make with kids because it’s so easy. There are a couple of versions on the EagleBrand.com website but I prefer this rendition from … Continue reading

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A recipe (of sorts) for Snow’s beans

After my previous post on the experience at Snow’s BBQ, I commented on my obsession with their beans. I was traveling so unable to try and replicate the recipe on my own. The smokey taste and perfect flavor balance was … Continue reading

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The glory of gazpacho

It’s the salad that eats like a soup. The solution to a gardener’s late-summer tomato glut. And, when combined with sangria and Bloody Marys, a key component in the perfect liquid diet. Because the tastes and ingredients are familiar, gazpacho … Continue reading

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Recipe: Carnitas

The original pulled pork, without the attitude. Amazingly easy because all you need is piggy, water, salt and time. Number of servings determined by the size of the roast; allow 1/2 pound per person measured by uncooked weight. Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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Recipe: Creamy Andaluz Gazpacho

If you like chunks of fresh veggies in your soup, this is the gazpacho for you. The secret is a quick pickling which helps them stay crisp. Adapted (and dramatically simplified) from a Cooks Illustrated recipe, this is a good … Continue reading

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Recipe: Simple Spanish Gazpacho

Use this gazpacho recipe when your tomatoes are so good, you don’t want any other flavors getting in the way. Adapted from the excellent Simple Spanish Food website. It’s meant to be drunk from a glass or cup. 2 servings. … Continue reading

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