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Hotel room kale salad

So I’m staying in a hotel room and needed to bring a dish to a potluck. The solution was a variation on my Wilted Kale Salad using the following improvisations: Step 1: purchased a 1 lb bag of chopped kale … Continue reading

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Recipe: Italian Style Sauteed Greens

This is my go-to recipe whenever I want a robust dish of greens as a side dish. Kale or collards are best, though I think the first I tried the recipe it was designed for spinach. Serves 6-8. Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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Coping with climate change at Terra Firma Farm

If you grow vegetables in your garden and are never sure what you’re going to get, you can sympathize with the guys at Terra Firma Farm. They’re the grandpappy of California organic farms, started in the late 1980s on land … Continue reading

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Five most popular recipes on Burnt My Fingers (2014 edition)

Another year has gone by and either the balance of my readers has changed or your taste buds have, because there are some real shake-ups in the recipes most often clicked on Burnt My Fingers. Take a look. 1. Vincent’s … Continue reading

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Recipe: Kale Caesar Salad with Creamy Dressing

Here’s a creamy Caesar dressing without eggs or mayo that can sit on the picnic table without turning into a petri dish. Toss with some sturdy kale for a salad that’s actually better if you prep it an hour or … Continue reading

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Let’s have more menus like this one!

When I saw the menu for Downtown City Tavern in Glens Falls NY, I changed my dinner plans and drove there immediately. What got my attention? A Caesar salad made with kale, instead of romaine, and studded with fried cubes … Continue reading

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Recipe: Wilted Kale Salad

There are lots of recipes for wilted (or “massaged”) kale salads around, but this one nails the flavor balance*. It’s from Jennifer Adler, a nutritionist in Seattle. Thanks to Daniel B for the link that led me to it. Ingredients: … Continue reading

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