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No ma’am, this brisket is NOT tough

Smoked my first and probably last brisket of the season this past weekend. (Apologies to Bruce Frankel, whom I promised I would get some males together and roast a whole animal on one of his spits. Next year!) Got a … Continue reading

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Men, fire and food: a visit with Bruce Frankel of Spitjack

Bruce Frankel was a chef with an idea. Tired of long hours and not great financial success at a Boston nouvelle cuisine (remember?) fine dining place in the 1980s, he decided to do something entrepreneurial. He looked at molecular gastronomy … Continue reading

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Favorite recipes from Burnt My Fingers

How many recipes has Burnt My Fingers published? Certainly over a couple hundred. (I need to put up a recipe index, I know.) Here are my personal favorites among them. 1. Easy Blender Gazpacho. This is everything that Burnt My … Continue reading

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A brisket revelation at Snow’s BBQ

This morning I made the 90-minute journey from Austin to Lexington, TX to once again partake of what’s often called the world’s best barbecue. (Since each hunk of meat and chunk of wood is unique, there can be no objective … Continue reading

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Recipe: My brisket recipe, revisited

After the writeup on Texas barbecue, several folks asked if I would repost my original brisket recipe as text, not an image, for easier reading. Here you go. I’ve added a few thoughts on technique, in italics. This recipe came … Continue reading

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In search of perfect Texas barbecue

It isn’t hard to make good brisket. (Brisket = barbecue, at least for the purposes of this article.) You need a reasonably fatty piece of meat, USDA Choice or higher. You need a rub containing brown sugar for a nice … Continue reading

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