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Recipe: Holiday Sourdough with Figs and Hazelnuts

This is a nice bread to serve and give around the holidays—it’s not overly sweet so you can eat it with cheese as well as with butter and jam. Adapted from the non-sourdough recipe in Hamelman’s Bread. Makes two large … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: Codutra’s Romanian bread blog

Apa. Faine. Sare. means “Water. Flour. Salt” in Romanian and one of the pleasures of this blog is accessing it in Chrome and watching Google’s charmingly awkward attempts at translation. Codutra, the proprietress, is also a regular contributor on The Fresh … Continue reading

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Recipe: Country-Style Miche

A miche (pronounced “meesh”) is a rustic loaf made with high extraction flour. It’s big and hearty and gets better as it ages over several days. Great for sandwiches or just eating with some good butter. Ingredients: For the levain: … Continue reading

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