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Recipe: Poor Man’s Bloody Mary Mix

Here’s a way to dress up boring tomato juice with ingredients you’re likely to have around the kitchen. The flavor profile is similar to seafood cocktail sauce. If you come into money, first thing to add is some vodka or … Continue reading

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McClure’s Bloody Mary with White Pike Whiskey

A few weeks back I was trolling the tables at the Albany Wine & Food Festival and encountered what was surely the work of a mad scientist: a Bloody Mary concocted with pickle juice and a fierce white whiskey. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Tomato-y Bloody Mary Mix

Unlike the popular canned brand, this doesn’t mask the taste of tomato juice. About 6 servings. A good way to use the leftover juice from your Easy Blender Gazpacho. Ingredients: 32 oz Campbell’s tomato juice 1 T Worcestershire sauce ½-1 … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pickled Celery

Do you have trouble getting through an entire package of supermarket celery? Here’s your solution. After using the first couple of stalks for your stuffing or tuna salad, pickle the rest of it. Goes great with wings or Bloody Marys. … Continue reading

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