Cooking with vinegar?!

Enter “vinegar” into the search box at right and just about the entire blog will pop up… seems like it’s almost impossible for me to cook without acetic acid (or its BFF, citric acid). In the spirit of TBT*, here’s a recommended meal with vinegar or citrus in every dish:


Vincent’s Garlic Cole Slaw

There’s never a bad time to gobble up this garlicky goodness, so we’ll start with Vincent’s Cole Slaw. This is by far the most-accessed recipe on Burnt My Fingers, with many thousands of views.

German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad

Half a cup of cider vinegar in potato salad? That’s a crazy amount. But it combines with the bacon fat in German Potato Salad to create a magical sauce that should be bottled and sold as a serum.

Pork Spiedie on Bun

Spiedies in the wild at Spiedie and Rib Shack

The difference between spiedie marinade and regular vinaigrette? Spiedie has a 1:1 ratio of acid to oil. And with the long marinating time, the meat is virtually pickled by the time it hits the grill. You’d normally put spiedies on a puffy Italian roll, but since we’re also serving potato salad that’s carb enough.

Braised Kale

Italian-style sautéed kale

Want a green vegetable side? These Italian-style sautéed greens are fast and easy to make and go with anything. A squirt of lemon juice provides the acid.

Carrot Pineapple Jello

Carrot Pineapple Jello with a squirt of Kewpie mayo

Don’t forget dessert! Carrot pineapple jello was a Texas favorite at family get-togethers, always served with a dollop of mayo. If you want something sweeter, try some fennel pollen shortbread which includes a bit of lemon zest. Bon appetit!

Fennel Pollen Shortbreads

Fennel Pollen Shortbreads

* My occasional TBT or “Throwback Thursday” posts showcase recipes that, for one reason or another never got the attention they deserved. 

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